The corn is getting corny :)

One kernel out of the 3 I had planted has done very well indeed. I'm really hoping we'll be able to eat the 2 cobs that are growing ! But if the house sells soon then it's going to the new folks :P Oh well, at least I now know it's possible to grow corn in our own yard, so I'm now determined to grow a wee corn patch in the garden at our new house ( which we get possession of Aug. 30 woohoo ! ) --and what's great about the 'new' garden is it will have full sun almost all day.

This will be our backyard. There are 2 apple & 2 pear trees, plus a Japanese plum tree. A peach tree grows up the back of the house.
Doesn't it look like fun ? It sure makes me want to run around and do cartwheels lol !
The one and only thing that I will have to get used to is the deck, it's much higher than the one at our current home, so you can't see the garden from it ( it looks low in the pic. but is actually 8-10 steps high ). Eventually though we may consider putting in a glass surround just on the part of the deck that faces the backyard. Quite exciting having a home where we can finally do whatever we want ( we currently live in a lovely manufactured home park --no pets allowed and you have to ask if allowed to build anything ).

And this little fella was driving me mad ! I was sitting on our deck, enjoying a cold glass of water mixed with some red wine, when I began hearing a chewing/crunching sound. Looked everywhere and finally found the busy critter. It looks more on the waspish side than beeish side, it found my 'petrified' sunflower stalk and is using it as nest fodder. We've actually had a few over the last couple of months, chewing on little bits of decking lattice, but they aren't bothersome and are rather entertaining to watch.