Living Greenery

I love standing in our backyard and listening to the birds amongst the trees. When it's a warm day and I'm watering the garden, I also water some of the trees in the forest area beyond the backyard. I've found the wet leaves attract a variety of small birds and maybe even a crow or two, but mostly small. In these two photos you can just make out a 'new' bird I've never seen before. It had these huge pretty eyes and a short sharp beak. It's bigger than a chickadee. Maybe it was a baby ? I'm stumped as to what this bird is but it sure was enjoying a bath off of the leaves. Let me know if you know its name.

This is the forested area beyond the backyard. I love how lush it gets in the summer, the greens are so vibrant and full of life ! Tried to take a pic. of the hummingbirds but today they just would not sit still. Lots of bees too all flying about rubbing their little legs together.
You may make out some of the corn I tried to grow in our sons garden box, just by the waterdish, but it's quite small because it doesn't get full sun. Still looks nice.

Awhile back I showed you some corn I'd planted, decided to just experiment and see if it really would grow in our garden.
Well the corn in this box and the one in backyard started out okay, but the ones in the backyard don't get full sun and so are only a couple feet tall. The 3 kernels in this box...one didn't appear, the second one tried but failed miserably and this one is the only one who has plowed on and done wonderfully ! Oh I sure hope it produces corn in time before we move. The name of the corn is Candy Corn and supposedly very sweet, it would sure be a treat to have an ear. I'm excited with what is growing up from the inside, got my fingers and toenails crossed !

Several years ago I planted a couple of blueberry bushes, knowing how much my husband Jacques enjoys them I thought it would be a nice natural gift for him. Well they are just about ready to enjoy woohoo ! Now whether to pluck them off and eat them or make a pie or crumble, that is the question :)


kecia said...

hi tracy! i really can't tell what kind of bird it is, but it does appear to look like a baby. he is very cute. if you find out what he is, let me know!

TiffanyJane said...

What a Gorgeous yard you have!!!! We have a creek out back, which is nice not having another house backed up to us :)
The little bird is soooo SWEET :)