Puppies and grandmas

Our friends have bought two very sweet puppies and they asked us to come on down and enjoy some puppy time with them. They're a chihuahua/pomeranian mix and probably won't grow much bigger than what you see. That's our son Christian holding Cookie, his friends puppy. The other puppy has shaggier fur and her name is Molly, belonging to his friends sister. Talk about soft ! Cookie is the quieter one while Molly likes to jump and lick at your face. LOVE the puppy tails ! Handling these little cuties make me that much more excited for when we can finally get a dog, but we first need to wait until we're moved into our new home and have a fence installed, lots of time to think about what type we'd like ( something that my husband Jacques can bring hunting and fishing, something that is a wee bit chubby with a round head, something that is loyal and laid back, not too crazy ). I was looking at Bull Mastiffs but I don't think they'd do well with hunting ( my husband doesn't go very often at all, mostly he enjoy the nature part of it, but if he does go it's usually for moose and he's not had much luck in the last 3 years ---a bull mastiff would probably smooch and drool all over it too lol ! ). Maybe we'll go with the tried and true lab, either yellow or brown. They can be quite goofy and we'll probably have to hide any food lol !

And here's a pic. of me meeting my shiny new birth-grandmother, Frieda, July 28/08. She's is quite a lovely lady with many stories to tell ( just like my birthdad Terry also in the pic. ). Her husband was a weapons designer for the government, I also had a relative in the RCMP. Of course Frieda is very much an artist though she doesn't like to call herself that ! I may post a pic. or two of her art one of these days, it really is beautiful ! Knowing I come from weapons and art loving people is quite a thrill for me, two things I like ( yes, I confess to having a secret desire to belong to some police-forensic group, carrying a big powerful weapon with all the black armor on and kicking some guys butt --the kind of person who likes to hurt kids especially ! ) Visualise Lara Croft mixed with the Terminator, now there's a sexy look lol !

Now it's off to pick up my new prescription sunglasses woohoo ! I haven't worn any sunglasses for over 4 years and am soooo tired of driving and squinting. Those magnetic things you hang on your glasses were always too heavy and regular sunglasses were just a waste of $$. I'll show them off for ya later on :)