Chocolate anyone ?

Hi all :)

Well it's been quite a day ! I've done nothing physically productive except move my mouth a lot lol ! Had a good chinwag with my birthfather, then emailed my Aunt and then had a really good LONG chinwag with my birthfather's wife Donna ( long distance from Ottawa Canada --thank goodness she had a plan lol ! ). We had some great laughs and it sure felt good to be around people who seem to prefer the 'lighter side of life'. I've been craving being around happier people for quite a few years as it's felt like so many others around me have chosen the negative and "oh whoa is me" route in life --except for my husband and son, they will always be crazy as far as I'm concerned lol !
So THANK-YOU dear Terry and family for 'arriving' when you did :)

Our son is off visiting a friend right now, so I popped into the nearby grocers and decided to buy some CHOCOLATE ! Yes, CHOCOLATE.....num num num.
Now I don't normally buy this kind of chocolate because it is in the pricier range, but I felt like treating myself to something a bit more special than the basic bulk bag o' cheap stuff. And not only did I get myself some of these Truffini chocolates, but it didn't take long to find out that my birthfather, Terry, also loves chocolate...so I couldn't resist and had to get him a bag too. I will TRY to be good and not touch any of his until our next get-together, which hopefully will be this weekend when I can finally meet my 'new' grandmother, woohoo !

Nearby the chocolate was another fav. item: tea. This one is a green tea powder which makes into iced green tea, sounds quite yummy and refreshing...I'll probably need some after the chocolates !

And it's true what they say about not eating at the computer, I've already had several chocolates and not even really realsied just how many I've had ! Oh dear. They sure tasted great though and I really want more, but my tummy is saying "uh, maybe you should hold off for a few minutes at a time okay ? I'm feeling kinda gross and eating anymore of those goodies will take away the pleasure. So whaddya say ?" My brain is saying "noooo! Go ahead and munch away, you know you want more. So you might feel a little sickish, big deal, just go for a poop and you'll be fine !" Well Mr.Brain, this time the tummy wins so there pfffffpppffffttt ! I'm making a more conscious effort to be 'good', it's taken many years to stop and listen to my body and I'm not about to give that up.

Oh, I've only got about another half our before I have to pick up our son, so I'm going to waste my time and play some Room Escape Games.

Also, here's a link to Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego. I would love to go see this. It sucks that we're so far away from so many fun things to do ( or perhaps I should really say it sucks that I'm unable to afford to go and see all these fun things. Oh well ).