Fresh and ready to go !

Well I've finally completed my art room woohoo ! It was actually done a couple weeks ago but I haven't had much free time until today, so I figured it was about time to update the 'ol bloggola :)

My desk and dresser came from one of my parents rooms. Not really into brown but the size of the pieces work great for storing a lot of art stuff. And to think I wanted to sell them ! Now I can show off my jar of crystals and other goodies. The rest of the room is pretty much the same from before, except I moved the rocking chair to the other side.

When we move at end of August, I am so excited because my new art room will be bigger woohoo ! I am so looking forward to hanging up some twinkly lights and having an area for my rocking chair with it's own little light and table, a comfy place to have a tea and a think ( is it me or do all artists brains constantly think think think ? )

AND I am finally back to making art !! It's a slow 're-start' but it's getting done.

The piece above will be a necklace, the base of it --the pendant-- uses a pottery piece found on Glass Beach, located in Sidney B.C. and I believe was a disposal site for hotel china, glassware, etc. from many years ago. It's become rather popular, especially for us artsy types lol !
So far the pendant has been wrapped with wire I removed from a 1940s phone ( will have to search for exact name of the wire, it's a lovely deep coppery colour ), some czech glass beads, a vintage necklace remnant and a few faux moonstone drops. Not sure what to use for the necklace, that's where my brain starts to fart ! I've no problem creating pendants but the necklace part gets me all in a kerfuffle...do I use ribbon, cord, or try to make something with various bits of chain ? All the while I'm keeping in mind how much time and effort went into the piece and would it be worth creating a fancy necklace or do I keep it plain and simple so the pendant stands out ?

Anyway, there ya go :) I figure, since our home is for sale and the fixer-up bits have been fixed-up, then why not get back to creating. It sure feels great !!