Don't feel like writing much except to say my parents home sold today. You would think I'd be full of joy, but instead I'm feeling rather blue.
It was my home too until I got married, so of course there's so many memories. But I knew I would feel this way once it was sold because now i really do have to say goodbye to it. My heart aches so much.

But there is a bright side. The people that purchased the house have moved from Alberta and were spa owners. I 'think' they may be opening a spa there, I'm not sure but what a great idea for the house ! I am so curious about what ideas they have for the home that I'm going to ask if I could meet with them. For so many years I've dreamed about the house getting updated, my mom and dad were stuck in the 70s and early 80s and I think that's one of the big reasons why it took 3 months to sell.

Well I must say that writing it out has made me feel better :)

Enough about the new owners, we have until the 30th to get all remaining stuff out of the house, so we will be moving our bums big time.
On the last day I will go around the house and give thanks and say my good byes. Oh great, now I'm all teary eyed again :(

On a brighter note, tomorrow I'm meeting my birthfather Terry for the first time, along with his sister Andy and maybe even another sister Shaun, woohoo !
What can I say except that I believe my parents spirits have helped with this wonderful turn of events :)

Now I'm off to relax and give myself time for these emotions to settle down.

Take care all ♥