Green and Messy

My parents had quite a bit of stuff and a lot of their smaller items have ended up in our home, mostly in my wee art room. I've had to temporarily give up making any new creations because I just cannot work with 'non-art' stuff around me, it seems to take away from the creative energy.
So I am slowly purging things that we no longer want --from our home and my parents. It feels great giving it away and/or sending off to a thrift shop. Now my art room is finally beginning to re-emerge, although you wouldn't know it by the photo lol !
The desk will soon be gone and replaced with one of my moms makeup desks and a matching 3 drawer dresser will take the place of the plastic 3 drawer holder that sits under the window ( can't wait, the plastic thing was great but it sags on top, the 'new' dresser doesn't woohoo ! ). The desk and dresser set was made by my dad, he actually made 2 sets of which the other one has gone to the little daughter of one of my husbands friends ( very happy about that, and I even included the big fancy mirror that was in my parents bedroom --something a little princess would love ). I'll take a pic. of the art room when it's tidied up, but for now you can enjoy this mess ( the blue box on the floor holds smaller items I will be altering and selling on Etsy ):

For the past couple of weeks I've been enjoying homemade iced green tea.

I'm slowly getting back on the health track, fell way off it when mom passed away in March, and began eating crappy foods again. Last month I hauled out our juicer and now juice almost twice a week. I still eat some crappy stuff but at least I'm aware of it again and making changes.

Iced green tea is another healthy drink, the antioxidants and benefits from both the tea and honey. It's quite simple to make, just make a brew of green tea, add honey to taste, let cool and add cold water, put in fridge. BUT, don't let the tea brew for too long or it will take on a bitter taste. Mine sat for a minute too long and although there is some bitterness, the honey helps to cover it up.
Today I made another batch but this time I dropped in some mint and lemon loose tea and additional honey so it's nice and sweet. So far, in it's warm state, it's quite tasty and I love the fresh feeling the mint leaves in your mouth. I'm sure it will taste even better once nice and cold :)

The tea still has some bitterness but I like the combo of bitter and sweet anyway. Now if I could just do something with the tea leaves other than toss them --- I'll check the net to see if I can put some around certain plants outside and then maybe bury the rest in the backyard.

Now off to purge some more ! ♥