I'm ready for action...

Yup, there I am in all my after workout glory :) I'm back on the weightloss wagon AGAIN, and this time I plan on sticking with it, sheesh ! I'm at 192lbs and would like, no WILL lose 30 lbs. and have it gone by my 42nd. birthday in March. Okay, so that gives me just over 4 months which would make it around 8lbs. a month. I could do that.
I've already begun exercising again. After our son leaves for school, I get my Step out, turn on the dance music channel, and away I go for just over 30 minutes. I spend the next 30 doing a variety of situps, pushups, etc...and may even include the boxing sessions on our Wii system ( wow, it's great for the arms ! ). My forehead is usually all sweaty, I'm panting and my face gets red :P

So if you'd like to cheer me on then drop me a line :) I'll be posting a new pic. every so often, maybe one every two weeks.