I just saw a tumbleweed go by....

Hmmm, it's rather quiet around here. Does anyone pop by to read my blog ? Of course I've not been keeping it updated like I should, it was made mainly to gab about my art and other wonderful creators. But, no problem-o, we're still getting renovations done in the house and I've been very slowly getting back in the mood to create. It's been 8 months now since making something, my creative energy almost but disappeared for awhile, got me feeling a bit scared ! I don't know what is holding me back from actually getting in my room and starting something, but at least I've lots of ideas in my head.

So if you're out there and reading this, then why not take a second and let me know you're here :)


kecia said...

hi, i'm here! i've just been super busy and sometimes don't leave comments, but i'm reading when i can. i think the loss of your mom has affected your muse - it will return. maybe picking up a new book or magazine will help!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading! You'll get back in to the swing of things when the time is right!

Your sis, Angela :x