HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTIAN ! --and I'm figuring out more blogger mechanics

Woohoo ! Our son is now officially a teenager -13 on Dec. 30- !!

I took Christian into town for a bubble tea and some wonderful noodles from 'The Noodle Box' in Chinatown. He got the kids noodles with veggies and dash of soya, I got some noodles which I can't remember the official name ! They also had veggies, peanuts and a medium-heat sauce. Oh my, I should have asked for mild because medium was like eating hot wings, phew ! But it was all good :)
Then we popped into a music/poster store and bought 2 posters for him --a gamer's 'keep out of room' one ( rather funny ) and a Halo 3 poster with nice graphics. Yes, our son is quite the gamer and is determined to become a game creator in the near future.
Arriving home he called his friend for a sleepover. When Jacques ( husband and dad extraordinaire ) came home from work they all went for McDonalds -or 'rotten ronnies' as we call it, brought it back and indulged. He got to open another gift from us - a game of course, for the WII ( the new Castlevania ).
Christian has never liked regular birthday cake, but he does like his icecream cakes. So we offered him 2 choices, icecream cake or go to store and buy icecream along with all the fixins. He picked the latter and I thought for sure him and his friend would enjoy some that evening. Nope ! They headed downstairs for, you guessed it, games. Oh well, we'll just enjoy it on New Years eve. instead :)
So it was a wonderful day and he's quite content with how fairly quiet it was. I remember on my 13th. all I asked for was for my dad to drive me up island. I loved going for drives, especially to places that I thought were really far away at the time.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Christian xoxo

And I'm also happy that I finally figured out how to get the links to open on a new page, instead of straight from my blog. Was getting kinda tired of my blog always reloading, I'm sure you were too ;P
It's a start to the upcoming fresh year. Eventually I'd like to change the look of my blog. The pinks and blues are pretty but getting a bit blah for me, need something with a bit more pizazz.