I thought it was a gun shot ! Mice to follow....

Good day all :)

Well my brain and body finally told me to get to bed at a decent time last night. It never fails, everytime our son has a holiday from school, him and I end up going to bed really late --for me it's sometimes 1-3 a.m. A couple of days before his school starts I get him back into a reg. bedtime routine. Do I do it myself ? I feebly try and manage to get to bed around 12-1 a.m. but not before I wear myself out.

So, as mentioned above my brain and body forced me to hit the hay by 10 p.m. last night. I was dropping things, getting cranky, etc...not fun.
I got all cozy in bed and was going to read for a few minutes ( love reading in bed ) but decided to just see if I could nod off without the book. Didn't take long to head to dreamland when suddenly.....

BANG ! --what the hell !? I woke up with a start and wondered what the loud sound was. I laid there and wondered if someone had shot off a gun or if a huge tree branch broke off in the front yard. Weird !
But even though I awoke rather surprised, it sure didn't take long to get back to sleep.

I asked our son if he'd heard a loud sound in the night, nope nothing.

So I popped onto the internet to find out what I'd heard and this is what happened:

Exploding Head Syndrome !

LOL ! It's not uncommon, phew ! Probably caused by my fatigue ( no duh ), so I'm hitting the hay early from now on ( I don't want to but neither do I want to experience that wonderful explosivness ! ).

Ooh ooh, lookee what I found :

Aren't they the cutest ?! No makers marks ( would love to know who made them ). Such sweet details on each mouse too. Pics. were taken with them on the carpet, will post better pics when they go on Etsy soon ! --the last blob is a sheep ( yeh I know, looks more like a maggot lol ! ), there were 2 but I'm keeping one !