My art mojo is back !

Posting a quicky today. Thought I'd let you know that I'm no longer worried about the loss of my art mojo, because it's back woohoo !
I discovered one of the reasons why I wasn't creating ( among the house renos and boxes of my parents stuff to still go through ) was that i was trying to create too many different things. My art room is full of different things to alter, plenty of watch parts, jewellry bits, papers, cards, beads, buttons, ribbons, you name I probably have it. And it became overwhelming. So I had a good long talk with myself the other night ( yes it really does help to talk out loud to yourself ) and figured out that I need to work 'small' and stick with working 'small'. Soooo, my new work will be charms, fun things attached to recycled backgrounds like bottle caps, tin lids, etc...Just charms, no complicated necklaces, no more brooches, boxes or other items I tend to overdo and then wonder why I'm not making as much as I'd like. Oh I may try to the odd different piece here and there, but my heart is into charms :)

I'll keep you posted ! Now back to arting....:)


kecia said...

hi tracy - don't be so hard on yourself as far as not creating. the loss of your mom took a big toll on you - it is one of those life things that you have to move through all those steps to get somewhere new. sounds like you are getting close to returning to your former self before grief stepped in! you are smart to consolidate and pin things down. working small is ideal and a great way to begin again. organizing all your stuff too, is a great way to keep it from overwhelming you. keep some stuff, get rid of other stuff. you don't have to use stuff immediately, but having it organized and ready for when you need it, will be quite helpful. don't feel pressured by what others are doing around you - remember this is about what you like doing.
big hugs and welcome back to creating!