How about a cupcake with free images ?

Good day all ! Here are a few photos for you to use in your art or wherever. Clicking on them will take you a larger version --just right click and 'save as'. If you do use them in your art, then would you be so kind and post a link so I can see the finished product ? I love seeing what people do with images :)

It was my birthday on Saturday woohoo ! My dear husband, son and I decided to head out on a short road trip. The weather was a bit soggy so we only drove up to Duncan B.C. I was looking at the mountains and wondered aloud if we could find a road to drive up one of them. We ended up on a wonderful back road that felt like we'd gone back in time, some of the houses were so old looking and one in particular made me think of the Crooked Man Who Lived in a Crooked House. This house was literally 'tilting' in the front lol ! There were cracks, the paint was peeling, and earlier there was a little dog laying on the front step, wonderful !
Feel free to use this photo in your art. I know I will :)

Here's a shot of Duncan taken from Mt.Prevost. Of course everything looks so much farther away in real life. Free to use.

This shot was taken half way up the mountain. I love it's mystery, how there could be something hiding in there, looking out at us. Feel free to use in your art :)

And finally, I couldn't resist taking a shot of the rich cupcakes one of my dear friends brought over. Her outfit even matched lol ! The frosting was oh so thick and GOOD ! There's one left, on the counter, in my field of view, and I'm being a good girl to not eat it. My dear husband is taking a nap. I could take it and make up some excuse. Oh I won't, I'll just have one of the almond tarts leftover ;P