A Cake and a Collage...

Yesterday I was feelin kinda blue, a rather horrid feeling which haunted me for several hours. All I wanted to do was shed my flabby skin and sink into a really big hot tub with a glass of wine.
Instead, I ended up making my birthday cake.....4 days early. I figured since my husband, son and I are heading up the island for that day ( Saturday ), then why not just bake it now and enjoy it over the next couple of days. LOL ! LOL ! Next couple of days, ya right LOL !

...the cake is gone....consumed...devoured.

Am i going to whine about it, about the calories and all ? Nope ! It's a birthday cake, and you should know that birthday cakes have no fat or calories whatsoever ;)

I didn't put any candles on it, just wanted to bake it, frost it and eat it. Oh, I was going for the Red Velvet look but did not realise that to obtain a really red looking cake, you need to use more than a few drops of red food coloring. DOH ! Of course, makes common sense ---but since I was feelin kinda blue I guess my brain took some time off.
ANYWAY, it's a choc. cake with cream cheese frosting, left white in the center and a rich bubblegum pink on top. Very YUMMYYY !! Did it make me feel less blue, you bet :)

Today I took a break from Charmbly making and decided to play around on the computer. So I made this collage fondly called Sara in Her Cotton Candy World. The background is from a photo I took a few years ago.
There's a farm out here with dozens of cherry blossom trees and wow does their property look gorgeous around May. I'm going to take more photos this year.
Hope you like my collage, I have plans to use it with my Charmblies. Will post the finished results later.


Iberostar said...

I really like this collage - the colors are wonderful. I'm always too timid in my collages - you've inspired me to be more creative! Thanks!

faerie enchantment said...

This is the best looking cake ever, loving that pink, looks like a cotton candy candy straight from the carnival or tea party!
Magic and Joy!

stOOpidgErL said...

oh my goodness! that pink cake looks scrumptious!! ♥