I Love Chocolate

It's always the oddest times of day when I get these great chocolate urges ! Today while I was cleaning up the guest room I got them. The other day I think I was on the toilet O_0

And here is another Charmbly. It's Clara Bow this time, that lovely actress from the past. I've never seen any of her films yet I've always liked her.

That's it for today, a quick one and to the point...well, sortof.

Oh, the image in the background of the cute wee doggies, that's a birthday card we bought for our sons 13th. birthday. The pug is trying to get a lick of a cupcake, but I love the French Bulldog's look lol ! The card just seems to work with my Charmblies, adding that extra bit of silliness :)


MaygreenFairies said...

Ohhhh what a truly scrumptous blog (love the choccy pics!!), your Charmbly is adoreable. I look forward to my next visit. Mandy x