It's Charmbly Time !

Well I've FINALLY begun listing my Charmblies, yay :) What a nice feeling too, after almost a year of digging out from under my dear moms passing, house moving and renos. Good sigh.

These new creations are such a joy to make, I'm sure some of it has rubbed off on them. All the paper dollies start off as bits of cereal box or other sturdy & recyclable cardboard. The pieces are cut out and then the fun begins, using various papers from my large stash. I have around 30 National Geographics from the 30's to late 40's I can't wait to use, along with scrapbook papers, dictionary, old magazines and more. The goofy heads are printed off, sealed to cardboard and attached. I may add a wee bit more whimsy to them too, and every head has a little heart attached. Each dolly comes with it's own cupcake charm. I was going to create cupcakes, donuts and chocolate covered cherries and sell 3 pieces with the dolls, but then again I was getting in over my head, so found a happy medium by creating only cupcakes. The altered art charms will all be different, using whatever crosses my path. My poor art desk is already crammed with wonderful artsy crap that, so far, I've not had to move too far to find the bits & baubles for the charms ! But I am beginning to feel somewhat cramped, because now my once lovely large desk has me down to a few inches. But it's all good woohoo !

For now there are 2 Charmbly listings in my Etsy shop, another one or two on Friday ( the giraffe is next, then maybe Clara Bow ). I'm now searching out a whimsical image of a male wearing a top hat, but so far they've been rather dull or their heads are turned sideways. It'll happen.

It's almost midnight here and our son has one more day of school until his fun weekend, he's going for a sleepover woohoo ! So off to bed I go ♥


arlee said...

These are a HOOT!!!!!!

~Tracy~ said...

Ooh, that's what I want to hear/read :) Thank-you !