Ooh la la, here's another fab. Etsy seller....

Oh my, I just received a new and delish soap and LOVE love LOVE the scent, the look, the color and more !


You've got to check out this shop ! The soapy creations are a delight to the eye and a joy for the heart.
Now of course they pump up the deelish factor by frothing up their soaps for the pictures ( love it ! ), but they're no less deelish when you get them :)

My Cheeky Cherry Kisses Seduction came in a lovely shaped jar and, like they said, it has candy on top ! And oh the smell YUMMY ! --yes, I did lightly touch my tongue to it and there was a sweet return lol !

Included in the wonderful package were 2 wee soap samples 'Pink Champagne & Cupcakes' scrub and 'Pink is Sexy' soap. Again such wonderful tasty scents.

I had a quick shower and decided to first use 'Pink is Sexy'. Well my quick shower took a little longer...the scent was both romantic and hunger inducing, and the feel of the soap was nice and creamy without that awful commercial chemically feel from store bought soaps. The scent is lingering and I'm still getting wonderful whiffs while I type.

You may find it difficult to choose just one soap, it took me awhile, there are so many hunger inducing descriptions. Oh, there's no problem with them sending to Canada, you just have to ask and they're ever so happy to oblige :) So get yourself over there pronto ! If my post has tempted you to buy something from them, then please come on back and tell me what you got :)

Now enough of my writing, here's the pics:

A big THANK-YOU to the gals at Sugarcandie Beauty Bar ♥


faerie enchantment said...

OOOOh thanks so much for sharing this, I have to go and check their site and yours asap!
Magic and Joy!