Another sneak preview....

I really need to post more often :P I have no excuse except that I've been busy working on a new line of treats for my Etsy shop.

Imagine getting a wee package in the mail that holds little creations made simply to bring a smile and maybe even a laugh. Little treasures to keep or share, to use wherever you want. Plus you even get extra surprises too, woohoo !

Now I said before that I'd have some listed in 1 to 2 weeks, well the time is drawing very near ! I just needed to make a bunch of them so I'd have a nice handful to list in my shop, instead of one a day. I'm also waiting for a package to arrive, the one that contains the extra goodies for you :)

Prices for these will be quite reasonable, I may add a couple of $$ to the ones with more detailed charms...we'll see.
As for 'the charms', each will vary, some will be created on similar media, some will be totally 'out there', some may even have crude humor, who knows, they're created spur of the moment.
As for customer options, well I'm still working on that. The charm cannot be changed nor the bodies of the other item, but I may be able to change the head and create a different colored 3rd. item ( yes, you get 3 goodies ).
Am I keeping you in suspense ? Good lol ! Don't worry, I'll keep you posted when they're listed :)

So here's a preview for you:

Made from my hands and heart with lots of positive energy. I am so happy to be able to make these and can't wait to get to listing them ♥