Chocolate, Cherries, Raspberries and Lilac OH mY !

I don't know what it is but lately I've been buying lots of candy smelling goodies for the body and bath and Etsy has been my sweet treat target :) So here I proudly show off two of the latest delights from Etsy.....

---Oh my !! This is one of my new favorite shops. I could not resist buying her Chocolate Covered Cherry soap and WOW am I impressed ! It reminds me so much of the sweet filling from a Lowneys Cherry Blossom candy and I came so very close to tasting it lol !
The soap lathers very quickly and has a soft feeling. When washing, the smell is mild on the body but the soap retains that wonderful scent.
Here is a small snippet of what Bethie has on her welcome page:

fun, fragrant, and good for your skin - they have no artificial lathering agents like SLS or SLES, and no propylene glycol. Just yummy ingredients like real yogurt, brown sugar, fruit and vegetable seeds and oils, molasses, fruit purees and raw honey.

So please go and check out her shop. If the description doesn't get you then her images definately will, all so YUMMY ! I will be back :)

Country Heart Gifts

--this has been a favored shop for quite sometime. I often purchase the wax tarts ( LOVE them, the smells are deelish and scent a wide space for several hours ) but this time decided to go for one of Pam's lotion bars. Well, what a treat I was in for :) I got her Raspberry Lilac scent and am delighted ! The scent reminds me so much of something from my childhood...I think it might be the bubble gum or jelly bean scent from Lip Smackers back in the 70's. But don't take my word for it because everyone's olfactory sensory neurons can be quite different.
I like to rub the bar on my wrists and then rub my wrists on my neck. Every couple of minutes I'm smelling my wrists, can't stop !
Thanks Pam for creating these lovely treats :)

Prices for these items are happily quite reasonable. The 3.75 oz. soap was on sale at the time but it's originally $4.25 and $1.75 to ship to U.S. and Canada. The 3/4 oz. lotion bar is $4.00 and $1.00 to U.S. and Canada ( and bar is a great size for your purse ).

When I'm delighted by something then I like to show it off. So stay tuned for more sweet Etsy purchases :)