Happy Valentines Day !

Shouting out a "Happy Valentines Day !" to all with joyful thoughts and love

Our day has been quite quiet but with a surprise at the door this morning. 4 lovely red roses sent from my birth father Terry, his wife Donna and my 2 half-sisters Sunshine and Angela, plus a cute teddy bear and a pretty box with a bag of delicious chocolate truffles. THANK-YOU !
My dear husband Jacques gave me some gorgeous peachy-pink roses and a decadent strawberry chocolate cheesecake oh my !
Him and I usually don't go all out on V.Day, maybe homemade sushi or a simple restaurant without the need to get all dolled up. That's the way I like it and Jacques is quite happy with that lol ! The flowers were totally unexpected...and it was nice I'll admit.
Okay so this is going to sound mushy, but Jacques is my Valentine everyday

For dinner tonight I'm going to surprise them with Chinese food from a fab. restaurant not far from us. We'll do the lazy thing and enjoy it in front of the tv woohoo !

Wishing you all a beautiful day....