Latest project & new delights

My car needed it's checkup yesterday, so while it was getting done I decided to walk to downtown and checkout my 2 fav. shops in Chinatown. Oh my such a pretty mug, had to add to my ever growing tea mug collection. This one sports a lid to keep in all that lovely hot flavor AND a removeable infuser for the loose tea, handy and pretty :) The pennant was found among many other glittered pennants, but they sported children and fans, I fell in love with this glittery koi one. Had to get some lucky money envelopes too, they're going to be used for some special treasurers. After that it was a refreshing walk back in the wind, grabbed a Tim Hortons latte, read my book for an hour and then got the car.
Today I worked on one of my Etsy ideas, a whimsical paper dolly which I plan to make more of and use with my other ideas. I think my 'ideas' are coming together nicely and I'm hoping to get 'them' listed within 2 weeks. Think 'whimsical' 'cute' 'fun'.....