Day to Day Joys I'm Thankful for....

The kitchen window is one of my fav. places to be in front of. The scenery wakes me up & ready for the day ahead, the birds flitting to and fro in the trees, the lone squirrel perfectly balanced on the chain link fence with a found treasure in its paw or mouth. Every season is easily seen and enjoyed immensely. I'm thankful my eyes can take in this beauty and never tire of it.

After breakfast I usually make a pot of tea, today it was Raspberry Earl Grey with a bit of sugar and hint of skim milk, very yummy :) That's one of my many fav. big mugs and my dear moms teapot and kettle. I'm thankful to enjoy the taste of this satisfying sweet delight and to share it with my husband, son and friends.

The plate is dinner size and was one of those things I really did not need, but I LOVE cardinals and couldn't resist ( besides, it was on sale ). We don't have cardinals here on Vancouver Island, yet they've always been such a beautiful eye-catching bird. Other fav. birds are ravens/crows/chickadees/owls/finches and many more. The Albatross is another one but none over here. I'm thankful to have this fluffy flitting wildlife around me, even if a few of these birds can only be enjoyed in pictures.

My journal, recently purchased from one of my fav. stores in Sidney B.C. ~Cameron Rose~ . The artist & designer is ~Anahata Joy Katkin~ another favored artist, I even purchased a slice of her pink blossoms & birds wrapping paper which is going to be made into a magnet board.

Usually I don't create with the need for drawings, etc...but when I saw this beautiful journal, well I could not resist. Now it comes with me almost everywhere ! I've actually drawn ideas, written ideas, thoughts and more. I find plain paper tends to kill off the urge to create, but now this book has greatly helped bring art back to life :) The glittery blue pen was a gift from a sweet friend, goes so nice with the journal. I'm thankful to be able to write and draw out my feelings, to keep something of me to pass on to my son and his family.

These are just a few things I'm thankful for.......what about you ?