Sweet Treats Without the Fat...and a Business Card too

Been busy busy busy. Last night I finally finished working on my business card design and mailing labels. My aim was to create something that represented both my type of work and a bit of who I am. So I came up with something a little 'odd', dreamy, slightly dramatic and definately whimsical :)
Today I popped into Michaels and purchased a bunch of Sculpey clay, some glaze, liquid Sculpey and a teeny spool of ribbon.
I've got the cupcake craze, blame it on Etsy and the cupcake/mini-food trend lol ! Wow are there ever such wonderful delights, always makes me hungry too :P
Our son created the wonderfully brilliant snowman and I made the cupcakes, glazed donut, chocolate covered cherry ( with pink fondant ) and a wonky looking sugar cookie. FUN ! Of course now I'm craving pink cupcakes or donuts.
I plan to list some cupcakes and whatever other sweet treats I can make. My goodies will probably keep that definate handmade look ( lol ! I'll work on creating smoother glazed donuts ) and just want to stick with c.cakes and dons. for now.
What got me all started on this wonderful trend was Robins Jewelry Box on Etsy . I'm in love with all of her goodies ! Haven't purchased a thing from her yet because I just can't make up my mind, a cake ring, a necklace ???
Friday is making more charms day, maybe visit my friend for a chai and then enjoy a very relaxing Fri. eve.


kecia said...

nice job Tracy! love the new look - i can tell you've been work hard and putting your heart into it at the same time - that's a good feeling, huh? the sculpty stuff is so cute.

~Tracy~ said...

Thanks Kecia :)

When you regain your mojo then anything is possible ;)