My Etsy Shop is On Vacation & Unsealed Shrinks...

Well I already had a bit of a vaction with our son during Spring Break. But now I'm taking a small break from my Etsy shop. Why ? Simply because I need to fully concentrate on my shrink creations and Charmblies. By Friday I should have a nice handful of new treasures to list :)

My Etsy shop will be up and running again by Friday afternoon, with one or two more new goodies, woohoo !

Ever wanted to know what happens to an unsealed Shrinky Dink ?

I took two freshly made shrinks outside to seal with my fav. varnish. I did not realise there was a very fine spitting rain...some drops found my shrinks and that was the end of them. The water basically 'melts' the shrink ink, leaving a lovely waterspot for all to see. I took one shrink and wanted to see just how much the ink would smear...not a pretty result.
So there you go, seal your shrinks !! And make sure it's not raining, no matter how fine it might be :P
Didn't take long to make more :)

This is the one I smeared on purpose. It also left a small ridge around the smeared ink.

An arrow pointing to one of the rain drops


Nora Grace said...

I found your blog today and really enjoyed reading it. You've done a beautiful job with it!

Nora Grace said...

Thank you for the wonderful compliments! I love to write pictures, as well as take them with the lens. Your home sounds like a beautiful place to be. And since one of my trades is horticulture... those gardens sound like someplace I would love!