1980's Punk Rocker with Humbum & Other Delights...

Today I'm visiting with my birthmom again & meeting with her aunt and uncle Renee & George. Looking forward to it and hearing about a supposed pirate in the family :)

But first I wanted to add a post, you know, trying to keep the ol' bloggola busy. So I start with this pair of old boots and pants...they were mine back in the mid-1980's. I've held onto them all these years too !
The boots were kept as a reminder of those years, when dancing almost everynight was normal for me, and my deep love for 'new wave' music ( I was a big fan of Gary Numan & Japan/David Sylvian, oh yes also The Cure, Cocteau Twins and many more ). The boots have rather large holes in the soles, maybe one day I might get them fixed ? Probably not...I tried them on and they don't 'look' the same anymore. As much as I still love seeing people with their dyed hair, piercings and gothic look, it just doesn't look the same on me nowadays. Oh well, prob. all for the better anyway, I prefer to wear minimum makeup these days & just too lazy to be bothered with all that black eyeliner lol ! The pants are another reminder of my crazy dressing days --but I do hope to get back into these ! I can get them up, just can't do them up at all, my tum area has changed quite a bit since then. Some of my friends have seen these and rolled their eyes lol ! --but I refuse to give up entirely my weird dressing ways :D Look out, one day I'll be one of those old ladies with the purple hair !

Upcoming 'Punk Rocker' felt brooch, woohoo ! This dude is being created from a drawing I did in the 1980's in high school. He's going to be a wee bit smaller than my other large brooches, so the facial features will prove challenging when doing the blanket stitching. He's going to be finished off with a cigarette and facial rings ( as in the drawing. I know smoking is horrid, but I'm making the brooch to look just like my drawing )

Here is a hum bum !

So, this is what i work with when making my brooches, a bag of snarled up floss ! It was given to me by one of my past paper clients ( when I delivered the local news ). At first I was just going to toss it but something told me to hold onto it, good thing I did .
Will soon need to restock on black floss.

Finally, some gorgeous fabric I purchased the other day. It's called Spring Sakura by Michael Miller. Of course it's much more stunning in person, really beautiful ! I'll be using some of it in my brooches.
Well there you go. And now I have to go and finish getting ready.....have a fulfilling day all :)♥