The Happy House and a Peanut Stealer !

Forgot to post yesterday :P Well here is my latest brooch: The Happy House on Candy Hill :)

I will be making more of these fun colorful brooches. I love how this one simply looks happy, and it's already sold ! My dear birthmother Judy phoned to ask if she could buy it, I was very happy that she too loves cheerful things. So next week I'll meet up with her & then she's taking me to visit her aunt & uncle for lunch, looking forward to it.

I've nicknamed this crow 'Peanut Stealer'. A couple of days ago I went to fill the squirrel nut feeder ( a wooden base with covered 'house' into which a large jar is placed. Nuts are put into jar & squirrel can get them without getting wet ). I tossed a couple onto the lawn to encourage the squirrel to "come and get 'em !". Well the next day they were gone, of course thinking it was the squirrel. Nope ! I tossed a couple more and a crow swoops down and takes them ! So now I think the crow thinks it's going to get nuts everyday lol ! It sits in a nearby tree and gives 3 "caws" as if it's saying "want, more, nuts !" --and I oblige of course :) It's found the peanuts on our balcony railing too, and because I love crows and ravens, I think this is a very special treat for me and the crow. The nut shells are salted, which makes me wonder if the crow gets thirsty. Perhaps a wee birdbath nearby might encourage it to stay a bit longer.
Sorry about the pic. quality, this crow is fast ! It swoops in, takes 2 peanuts and off it goes.

That's it for today folks ! Friday I may pop out for breakfast at 'The Roost', a place where the free roaming chickens roam around your feet ! Starting another brooch too tho not yet sure exactly what I'm going for.


Carol said...

I watched this brooch develope and you are right, its so cheerfully cheerful. I love it. I especially like the shooting star sun!

Yep, get the crows some water. Even just a shallow dish on the banister. A glazed terre cotte saucer works great.

~Tracy~ said...

Thanks Carol :) I loved making this brooch so much that I'm going to make another couple, maybe not quite the same but with similar 'joyful' colors.

The crow has departed for a bit, too much salt perhaps, or maybe just got tired of peanuts ? I can hear it in a nearby tree so will keep putting out the nuts.