Arting Outside

We've been enjoying some pretty warm weather lately. I'm waiting for the day it 'breaks' and the cooler stuff swoops in ! --not that I want cooler stuff, but this warm stuff does affect the desire to cook/garden and clean house.

Anyway, today I chose to take my art outside onto the sundeck and inside the gazebo. The art room is fine but I was in the mood to listen to the music of birds instead of my usual trance music.
First I took a pic. of my dear husband Jacques. He chose to switch to nights for 2 months, so I get to enjoy him daytime now :)

Well here I am all settled in. I'm working on a heart brooch and I've got a Revello ready to eat --choc. covered vanilla ice cream bar.

This is the view from the gazebo. You get to enjoy the flower pots, the bird feeder and the hummingbirds all at the same time :)

My Revello icecream bar already half eaten ( those things have gotten smaller over the years ! )

Here is that heart brooch I was working on earlier. It's called ' The Colours of My Heart'. Each thread colour represents a feeling: black for anger/dark mood, various blues for sadness, pinks for love ( all love such as motherly, spouse,friend and sexual ) and finally, yellows for joy ( joy felt from a child, watching a meteor shower, feeling like running around a field, getting married, etc..). I've completed the thread colours, added a row of red, blue,pink & yellow bugle beads interspersed with pink czech glass beads and a few black beads. I could walk away from it now but I feel there is still something that needs to be added, maybe a small handful of beads among the threads...? I'll figure it out later tonight. Will get listed in my Etsy shop tomorrow.

My next brroch will be a house, something joyful and very colourful.

What a difference making these brooches ! I no longer sit amongst a desk covered with piles of stuff, feeling stress from the need to add tons of detailing and then wondering what the shipping will be. These brooches consist mainly of fabric, floss and maybe the odd broken jewelry piece here and there. The hand stitching is really relaxing too, plus, the shipping is fabulous because most of these brooches can be sent in a bubble mailer without worrying about boxes, woohoo !

So now it is 8:15 p.m., the birds are still chirping away outside, so I'm going to sit on the sundeck for a wee bit and take in the sunset and feeling of solitude that comes over the air at this time of night.

Have a great evening all :)


Anonymous said...

The heart's very pretty!! Now, do you have ice cream for all of us? ;o)

~Tracy~ said...

Oh you know I would if I could :) One day someone will invent a transporter & then we can all meet up --I'll bring the kitchen sink & a couple boxes of icecream, you can bring the stuff to put on it :)