5th. times a charm ;)

Hello again, here's is charm no.5 from the Heart Collective charm swap :)

I began with decoupaging some lovely paper and then some pink tissue on top. I was trying to go for an 'eye spy' design but just could not find the right images to finish it off.

Here is the back of the charm. Each charm has a wee mirror, for checking out teeth or whatever. Some are outlined in black, others in pink glitter.

A side view of the charm showing the cute fluffy candy-colour puffs...

Finally the pic. of the charm :) The 'happy face' is an advertising image cut from a 1950's Popular Science magazine. Wings and legs come from an ARTCHIX Studio collage. Totally silly and FUN !

Lastly , I thought I'd toss in a pic. of a bumble bee being 'saved'. We erected one of those screened gazebo's on our sundeck, but unfortunately it also seems to attract bees and flies. I love bumble/honey and mason bees and can't sit back and watch them die ! So out comes a glass, flat paper and my desire to save them from the confines of the gazebo.
This wee bumblebee was given a heavenly drink of water mixed with a little bit of honey. After about 1 minutes worth of 'drinking', the bee went from almost dead to an all out jittery mass ! It didn't take too long for it to start beating it's wings and take off ( almost taking me out in the process too lol ! )
Here's a pic. of the b-bee slurping up the nectar.

Well there you go folks :) I have to mail out the charms Sat. morning and then my family and I are off to Coombs, over an hours drive up island ( Vancouver Island ) --a wee 'village of sorts' where the main market area has goats on the roof ! Will take pics. to prove it :)


inventivesoul said...

I love your charm and your bumble bee story!!!