My Heart Collective Charm Swap....

It was another hot day here today and is still very warm tonight. It was the kind of day where even walking in my barefeet...my feet were still sweaty, ick :P ( now there's a pretty picture to envision lol ! )

A short while ago I friended a wonderful artist, Julee Hermann, on Facebook. She was having a charm swap on her Heart Collective FB page. June 6 is the mailing deadline and I only had 2 charms to make.

Here you can see the 3 charms I created last year, using computer & jewelry bits, foil, glitter & a few vintage images/words. They were made using vintage wooden game piece tiles, there's 2 I put out to show you.
I first remove the shiny coating with sandpaper and then glue on the homeade bales. Sometimes I'll even glue a round mini mirror on the back --which I've done for these 5. The charms will each be different in designs but have the same base ( game piece ), mirror and bales ( even though 2 of the 5 bales will be blue instead of silver wire ).

Tonight I thought I'd show you how I made the last 2 charms --but I realised the pic. of the 5th. charm showed I hadn't finished the edges, so that one I will show you tomorrow :)

This charm I'm calling 'Starshine'. The silver glittery star was a perfect backdrop for the silvertoned rose earring bit. Game piece was painted black. A vintage Kodachrome slide is a nice neat addition.

I then created my version of a starfield by dabbing drops of white paint and then spattering with a wet paintbrush on both tile and slide. Once dry I brushed on a thin layer of satin varnish and then sprinkled on a touch of holographic glitter

Slide edges were painted black and then all was glued in place and more dabs of white paint, spatter and glitter added. Although mostly concealed, you can just make out the ever so slight 3d effect from the 'stars' on the game piece shining through the slide.
Gloss varnish finishes it off, not quite dry in this pic.

Check back tomorrow to see the 5th. charm, my most favorite one :)