Fall, Turkey Bounty, Pirate's Booty & Possibly a Tarsier too !

Fall rituals: changing of the tree colors, leaves dancing & flying, a day or two or three of heavy rain, the flights of birds big & small, fresh bird seed & some peanut butter too, peanuts for the squirrels, pots of hot chocolate, rib sticking stews & chowders, candy corn & ghastly masks, cozy cuddly sweaters, flannel bedsheets, a favored pair of pink fuzzy slippers.....

(the neighbors breathtaking trees)

(a big pot of thick & rich Thanksgiving turkey chowder,with curly pasta, carrots,
peas,sweet potato,green onion,garlic,dill,seasoning salt
& lots of turkey broth --with bits of leftover
stuffing & plenty of pulled turkey. YuM !)

My Steamed Pirate's Booty earrings, just listed in my Etsy shop.
Vintage treasure,a boys discarded plastic coins & a touch of Steampunk.

This little fella will soon be in my Etsy shop too.
Meet Mr.Tarsier Charmbly. Can you tell he's REALLY happy to SEE you ?
His legs 'n arms are covered with funky napkin paper, & his middle sports a
whimsical image cut from a vintage Dutch image ( at least I think it's Dutch, had the paper
for quite sometime & forget where it came from :P).
His wee heart brad tells you he
has a heart of gold :)

This is the unique charm that comes with Mr.Tarsier Charmbly !
I've named it 'Horse Circuitry'.
A vintage playing card ( my parents had these horse cards since the 60's ), handsewn
with thread-beads-faux rhinestones. I don't remember where the circuit piece
came from ( I have lots of 'don't remember where they came from' bits and pieces ) but it's been
glammed up with glitter and gloss and a vintage glass chandelier with tiny swarovski crystal !
Yes, it's an odd charm, one I'm proud of :) You can use it as a necklace pendant, make a
bookmark, heavy earring, scrapbook decor, Christmas ornament and more !

Now off to bed.....g'night all ♥