Been doing the Bling !

Posting a quick shot of what I've been working on lately. Taking my time as usual ! These are deconstructed pieces of jewelry, stuff I've had for many many years, some over 20 yrs. and much of it found at thrift shops, garage sales and from friends.
So many times I'd look in my drawers of jewelry stash and just not use it to it's full effect. A tiny bead here, a small piece there, but nothing with any real "oomp!" --guess I was concerned that if I got in there and started using it, then I'd end up with nothing left. But of course that's not true these days, just look around the online shops, especially Etsy, you can find and purchase so many wonderful vintage bits and bobs. Our local thrift shops don't sell close to the delights one can find online.

So here are 3 creations I plan to list this week. Not yet finished but almost there. I need to go online and find out what the red flower material is, the name of it has left me. It came from a brooch, you can see the leftover bit to the right. That one has chandelier crystals ooh lala :) The purple pendant was a plain crystal cameo intaglio ( carved into the backside of the glass ) on which I 'wove' a bunch of sequins and beads. My most fav. though is the really 'blinged out' piece in the centre ! A Vintage necklace 'frame' houses an old rhinestone brooch. That was then framed with pink rhinestone chain and brilliant aurora borealis chain. Love it !! I'm still working on the necklace chain, not sure if I should leave it plain or add just a touch more bling.

Now back to work.......♥