What my little studio has been enjoying lately....

My art desk has been getting a good workout lately. I've found yet another form of art that i plan to stick with for awhile ( unlike my felt creations ! ).
 I've dubbed this art 'Vintage Reinvented' and it is simply taking my big stash of mostly vintage broken jewelry parts and recreating them into fresh new jewelry.

For the longest time I would use only small pieces of my stash, hesitant to go all out because most of the bits I had only one of and would probably never find another of it's kind again. I also have some pieces that look too pretty to give away, but they're just sitting in one of my drawers. So if I don't make something for myself then why am I keeping such pretty things hidden away ? So what I've been doing is taking out one or two pretty pieces, putting them somewhere visible, leaving them for a day or two to enjoy & decide if I'm going to use them for myself or share. Well I already have quite a few pretty pieces my family & friends have given me and I really don't need anymore in my personal jewelry boxes, so I usually end up choosing to share the other bits. And it's a good feeling transforming these pieces into wonderful, perhaps even magical, wearable 'works of art' with the hopes someone out there will also find them just as magical. I also love to run my hands over the piece before reconstructing it, wondering quietly who the person was that wore it, are they still around, was it a special gift from a friend, a lover, a family member or simply a fun purchase for themselves ? Sometimes my heart will ache from not knowing exactly where it came from --but maybe it's a good idea I don't know, otherwise I'd never use the bits & bobs, they'd become even more vintage without ever seeing light again !

So here is a picture I took tonight ( Nov.3) of what my desk now looks like. I was doing so well putting everything away each night...when I was working on my felt pendants. But now ? Ha, forget it ! Just too many little things to constantly put away. And I find I tend to work better when surrounded by these tiny delights, they help to keep my mind churning out ideas for future goodies. Fortunately the rest of my wee studio is fairly organised, if it wasn't then I'd be feeling stress instead of joy.
You can just make out some of the 'stuff' I've been using for my 'vintage reinvented' jewelry....rhinestones, faux pearls, attachments, etc...

The piece below is what I am working on right now. It's a real music box, but miniature ! It had a keychain attachment but I felt it should be seen instead of getting banged up by a bunch of keys ! So now it's on it's way to becoming a necklace. The tune it plays is 'Beautiful Dreamer', and as you can see I've tried to create a 'beautiful dreamer' scene. Two of the 'pretty pieces' I was hesitant to use were the aurora borealis chain and the ivory coloured flower with rhinestone. I've since seen other vintage ab chain for sale on Etsy so am not too concerned about never finding more again ( I used some on my Candied Sugar necklace already listed in my Etsy shop ). But the ivory flower piece was one of about 10 others I took from a broken brooch. Even tho it was broken, it took me awhile to decide if I wanted to cut off the flower. Well as you can see, I did it and survived lol ! :) Really liking how this piece is turning out so far.

The next piece is called A Drop or Two and consists of vintage chandelier crystals (drops), vint. ab glass beads ( from earrings), 7 vint. diamond-like rhinestones ( from a rhinestone encrusted collar ), a vint. red flatback rhinestone and a vint. bright red celluloid flower ( from damaged brooch which has 2 other flowers ). The filigree backing and chain are part of a 1970's necklace. It's a rather romantic modish looking piece with a bit of a flapper influence ( I can see this worn with one of those flapper dresses from the 1920's ). Already listed if you want to see more pictures HERE

I have to say, the pieces I've made lately have been a bit difficult to list. I want to keep them ! Sure I could do that but then what would I do for my Etsy shop ? This is my lifestyle right now, being creative comes naturally and it's in my blood, and it's great having a place like Etsy to show off and sell my wares.

Well that's it for tonight. I'll be back again soon xo ♥


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