Blabbing & Treasures from a Radio....,

 Goodness my blog has been ignored ! I've got a bunch of photos too, just been either too busy or too lazy to get here.
 My birthsister Angela came out in January for a wee visit, always nice to see family. Soon after I finished off rearranging my art room and am quite happy at my fresh new setup --I can get to almost everything now just by turning in my chair, woohoo !
 I'm back on my weightloss journey too, so far so good, it's not that difficult watching what I eat, water intake has never been a problem but the brain needs to be retrained into really wanting to exercise --at least I'm doing it !
 My creative process has been slow. I guess if I had to put a reason it would simply be that I tend to go in phases, one moment all gung-ho making 2-3 creations and then some shutdown. Being a very visual person I tend to go into overload & have to back away from the art, allowing my brain to sort out and marinate on the ideas that can be created, instead of those wishful ideas that realistically wouldn't work very well for me. A couple of my wishful thoughts are: learning to weld and create large sculptures ( realistically, too lazy to want to put in all that work --and not willing to create the space for this kind of work ). Making large comfortable to hold coffee mugs & painting them with rich vibrant colours/flowers/comic-style art ( as much as I love colourful mugs & wish there were more made, I can't see our home with a kiln ). Nothing wrong with wishful thinking and if you can make some of those wishes come true then 'good on ya' ! I'll continue to stick with making smaller creations, just need to push myself more :P

Anyhoooo, enough of my blagging, the pics. below show a vintage radio my mom used to listen to when she was the cafeteria chef at a college here in Victoria.
The radio isn't a big collectible so I just had to take it apart lol ! That has always been a constant in my life, wanting to know how things work, wanting to see the guts of items.-- When I was around 10 yrs. old I took apart a lovely old sunburst clock my parents had back in the '70's, one of those large wall clocks with the bent metal arms to make it look like a sun. Well I took it apart with glee, fascinated by the bits and bobs and wires. Could I put it back together ? Of course not ! Had I been more aware of the classes in my high school I would have taken computer & mechanics, but nooooo, silly me was more interested in my boyfriend. Sigh. Do I want to take classes today ? Ummm, well I don't know. If there was a week long class to know some of the simple basics then I'd be interested, but not if it's 6 months or more.
( when I was little my most wanted 'toy' was one of those electronic gadget boards from Sears. Do you remember that item ? You could learn how to light a tiny lightbulb, make a radio and more. It looked like a small circuitboard with knobs, etc... I never did get that toy, my dear mom either thought I'd hurt myself or it wasn't something a lady did :( Oh well, that was then, this is now and I do what I can with what I know today. Thank goodness my dear dad, who did carpentry on the side for fun, allowed me to 'hammer and nail' when he was building an item ).
Wow did I go off there lol ! Back to the radio -- so as you can see I found some great little treasures to use in my art, I'm thinking some Steampunk creations here ! There are a couple of items that can click/move, hoping to get something fun-unique made with them. The last pic. is a closeup of the board & a neat picture for you to use in your art. Print it out & use as a background, alter it, tear it up, whatever your imagination can conjur. Enjoy ! :)

---now off I go to work on my 2 new creations: a nature themed necklace & a sweet diorama I'm calling 'Bored Monkey'. You'll see soon ;)


Nora Grace said...

Glad to see you back, Tracy! At least you weren't gone for a year like I was! But that very long year is over, and I am looking forward so much to getting back into the studio. That's where I decided to start posting again...my messes and what I'm doing about them. And all the fun stuff in the studio. I should have pics up later of my gem and stone trays...just because I wanted to look at all of my sparklies. Seems I will blog about anything these days! haha Looking forward to seeing more of your work.