A Bored Monkey and some Spring -- unfinished

Good day all :)

Just about finished my two upcoming necklaces, one is a whimsical diorama called 'Bored Monkey', the other called 'Blossoms' ( not yet sure if that is the name I want to go with but it seems to work with the flower part & the 'blossoming' of new life ).

Bored Monkey was created inside a vintage miniature playing card case ( it was once a keychain ) and I've just installed a piece of glass to seal up the opening -- it is drying as I type this message & you can see the glue which will dry clear and show more of the diorama. Of course there will be better photos for Etsy.

Blossoms consists of a handmade papier mache-style branch with flocking ( thanks to Martha Stewart, what neat stuff to use ), a handmade wire nest with pretty sky blue cat's eye beads and some genuine imitation blossoms. It's meant to sit a little lopsided, kinda like a branch does in real life. Need to add more flocking but waiting for a couple of blossoms to dry.
I had thought of adding a tiny pink bird but I just didn't like how it sat on the branch, think it looks better without it.

Plus I've decided to inactivate one of my necklaces on Etsy, the extra little charm I had on it just didn't feel right, so I've since changed out the chain for another one and may even change the name.

Hope to get these fun necklaces listed Friday, Monday at the latest. Can't wait to make more dioramas too ! :)


Nora Grace said...

Hi Tracy, good to hear from you again. I love these new pieces! You have such a creative hand, I am sure that the dioramas will all be beautiful! I wish we were closer so we could share my kiln! Your dichro idea sounds wonderful, and I hope you get to make it one day soon. You know...most glass artists sell kiln time :-) I am a dichro girl at heart too. I swear I was a magpie in my last life...I love sparkly things! I will definitely post on the crown when I finish it. I can't wait to work on it. Have fun working (playing)!

~Tracy~ said...

Thank-you :) I've begun another diorama, having much fun indeed ! Alas, the glue in the Bored Monkey is STILL drying grrrr :P My art room may be nice but it's located at the end of the house on a corner, so it gets quite cool in there which means longer times for glue to dry. I've been putting the piece in the sun & so far it is helping, but I'm now not sure if it is going to completely dry clear boo-hoo :( Will just have to give it a few more days & see what happens. I hate when things like this happen, getting all excited over something that is looking great and then this. Sigh, keep your toes crossed all will turn out.
Yes, do post pics. of the crown ! ♥