Fav. magazines & creating fun....

Showing off my favorite magazines in the whole world !
Somerset Studio, Somerset Gallery and Cloth-Paper-Scissors !

I also tested out  the laptop webcam, not the best pictures but will do for this post.

Upcoming new creations:
-little pink house charms
-another diorama, might call it Resting Time
-maybe a bunch of prettied up floral pins --I just need to create small cardboard boxes under 1" high, so they
can slide through the Canada Post 'slot o doom' :)

Received my lot of chains today too, they're soldered gold & silverplated & gunmetal, love them ! Just
waiting for some other goodies to arrive  now and hopefully I can get to work on making
more dioramas.

Other ideas going around my brain: small papier mache things, house things, ring things....


Penny Ricco said...

I LOVE those magazines too.....They have lots and lots of great articles. I get many ideas from them. You have to check out their Belle Armoire Jewelry, the spring edition is coming out March 5th here in the states. I can't wait.
Your tree branch necklace, with the pretty pink flowers,reminds me of our magnolia tree in the spring.
Your necklace is absolutely wonderful.