My new Vintage Shop, wooHoo !

A short while ago I was thinking of moving my art to a new Etsy shop so I could list only vintage in the old one, but my friend reminded me about my established art fans and all the hearts I've received for my Ravensmagiclantern shop -- you cannot move your hearts over to another shop and I wasn't about to get all my fans to 're-heart' my art. Call it a brain fart moment :)

I am happy to introduce you to my new shop just for vintage treasures ! It's called 'ChocolateRoseMint' and in this shop you will find many items from my parents home. I only list the non-sentimental goodies, many will probably be well below the prices other shops hope to get. And I would not be at all offended if you choose to buy an item knowing you could resell for more $$. I am simply happy knowing the item has moved someplace better and 'wanted'.
So far there are just 5 items listed but in the upcoming weeks I plan to post so much more ! Look for Royal Doulton figurines, Booths Real Old Willow, a few china floral bouquet decorations, some Dresden figurines and much more. But first I have to call some shops to scrounge their boxes ! Have to have proper packaging for these fragile goodies.
So please click the link above if the banner doesn't link. If you belong to Etsy then why not 'heart' me too ? ( adding me to your favs. )

Here is another shot of the sweet grandfather clock I listed today. It works too, I took this pic. while the pendulum was swinging away.
For awhile I had seriously thought about altering this clock: giving it a new paint job with glitter and lots of rhinestones. But I already have a large pile of stuff to alter and it was getting to be too much. So I'm offering this clock as a wonderful working collectible and/or something for another artist to alter.
( and in case you're wondering where the clock came from: in the 1970's my mom received this at Christmas from one of her friends. It came from Kmart and I vaguely remember it was in a box. Mom liked it but couldn't stand the 'tick-tock' sound, so it always sat quietly on the mantle. I liked the sound, thought it was relaxing, but a minute after I wound it up, mom would come in and stop the pendulum. Eventually it ended up in the attic and I think the reason for this was because it somehow got overwound and we thought it was broken, then forgotten. Many years later I re-found it and decided to try to fix it. All it took was a great deal of patience while I sat gently tapping the pendulum every few seconds, trying to get it to swing again. After about a good half-hour...it swung on its own ! But I never did get it displayed & decided to list it instead, hoping it will go to someone who will appreciate it so much more )

As for my art........

I will still create unique items and I've purchased a few jewellery making things from an Etsy seller in Montreal. Not yet sure what will become of the items but I'm thinking something quite romantic & very feminine, something with pinks, blues, birds and maybe some rhinestones. We shall see ;)


Ola Fumilayo said...

it sounds really nice. is there a link to it that i overlooked?