Painting, puppy & low prices !

SALE SALE SALE until Friday midnight ! See below for more details and links.

Hello everyone ! My family & I have been very busy these last few weeks. We've painted our house, from all white to a nice shade of grey-brown ( a bit like rootbeer ) with black framed windows/doors. When we first saw the house for sale, it was quite bland and had that definate 70's look, but now it looks quite sharp indeed. I'm looking forward to when we paint the living/dining area from salmon pink to a rich grey ! Will post pics. later.
AND.....we bought a dog !! For several months I've been perusing the rescue sites, hoping to find a fur baby we could save. Tho we did see many, none of them really took our hearts. I was beginning to feel a bit low when I tried searching the local 'used items' site. Wow were there a lot of dogs for sale ! One caught our attention, a white boxer girl pup. She had such a low priced compared to others so of course I had to ask why. The owner said she was already 10 weeks & didn't want her to get too attached to the family. Makes sense. So out we went Sat. May 15, first look we fell in love and we brought her home forever :)
Please welcome Jujubes:

The top pic. is when we first brought her home & the lower was taken this morning before our son got ready for school. She has grown so much & is a smart little cookie, already knows how to 'shake a paw', sit, down, stay, can sleep all night in her crate & is about 90% sure of going to the door for when she needs to go outside. She also loves to sleep ! Lots of praise from us is getting great results --if only all humans could do that with each other eh ?
We love her so much & look forward to many years with her.

~~Now for the sale !~~

I've been lowering prices in my vintage shop ChocolateRoseMint and decided to take off an additional 20% --but only until Friday midnight ( May 28 ). This includes my art shop too RavensMagicLantern woohoo ! Please stop by and check out what I have to offer. Mention my shops to a friend too. Prices are quite low compared to some jaw dropping prices I've seen on other sites. For example:

---only $20 !!!
The bangle alone can sell anywhere from $30 up to $60. Such glittery shimmery pieces !
Only one available.

Now it's time to go make dinner, I'm hungry ! :)


Network Support Melbourne said...

What a super cute dog. I am so excited to see your newly painted house. Hope you are having a wonderful day.