What I've been up to & a Fairy Garden link....

Hello all :) Well it's certainly been kinda hectic around here since getting our boxer pup Jujubes. She is such a fast learner too & is already almost 3 times the size ! I'm going to have to get cracking and post pics.
I thought things were finally getting 'back to normal routine' when the Summer heat decided to turn up the temp., that's when I turn into a big 'ol blobbola & do practically nothing. Yup, I'm not a high heat gal, don't mind it if there's an accompanying coolish breeze, but when it's those days where absolutely nothing moves, where even the birds hide away, I'm somewhere inside doing as little movement as possible. Anyway, no complaints here, it is after all Summer and usually that's when it gets hot :P

No photos of anything today, just a quick bloggy post. I have been thinking about polymer clay pendants tho., a house theme ? There's just something about little houses that I love and I think it's to do with 'home is where the heart is'.
I'm not into altered art as much as I used to be and I've been leaning more and more to creating items that are similar in appearance yet still retain my sense of whimsy & eclecticism --it's just getting the items started ! My art room is a bit of a mess again, I've been listing vintage items in my other shop & really need to focus some time on destashing. But there's no panic here, it will happen.

My weightloss journey is going just 'okay'. Since getting our Jujubes, well my exercise schedule went right out the window ( I tend to go way off schedule for awhile whenever there's a big change ). I got down to 174 a couple of weeks ago & very happy about that ! But for some reason I decided to let loose & jump off the weightloss wagon for a few days. No overindulging, just eating foods I normally would leave until my free day ( Saturday ). Deep down I think I was a teeny tiny bit 'afraid' of being under 175 --that's what I weighed back in grade 5 ! It's as if my brain couldn't handle my being thinner. Why would I be afraid ? I got down to 155 in high school with the help of a boyfriend and felt great about it, so what's the dealio ? Bah, I'm not worried, it's probably just another of those things from my past that's trying to prevent me from becoming me --I have been changing lately since my mom's passing in '08, changing for the better yay !

Well I'm a ramblin on yet again lol ! The weight will come off, I've only 16lbs. to go woohoo !! Once the heat let's up I'll get back to walking & will start to see downward results again.

So here's that fairy garden link I want to share with you ( which was shared to me by my beautiful birthsister Angela, thank-you ♥ ).
It is such a sweet magical garden indeed and I hope it inspires you like it has me.

Well that's it for now. My goals in the upcoming weeks are to get my art room destashed, vintage items listed, start on those clay pendants, lose those pounds and maybe even get our living-dining room finally painted. Oh and post here more often, with pics. to give more interest lol !

Take care all ♥


Jessica said...


I am a fellow Vancouver Island blogger. I have been feeling the heat lately too! I also experienced the puppy situation. Isn't it like having a baby?!

Check out my blog if you have a chance.

Jessica @ www.seatomyheart.com