Okay, didn't get those goals done lol !

Had to smile at my previous entry. The goals I posted....NADA, zippo, nuthin. I gained back some weight too :P Sigh, oh well, the world still turns & I know what I have to do will eventually get done.
It's the Summer and all it's routine bashing. I'm a stay-home-mom so any routine I have really gets mucked up when the gangs all here all day --I'm talkin my son AND husband. Of course I love love love them but do get just a wee tight in the neck when my intentions to spend a few hours listing items in my Etsy shop --during a weekday-- go out the window because of the extra noises, the extra talking, my dear man asking me if I'd like a coffee with him, which I usually say yes because, well, I enjoy having coffee with him. Okay, I'm also easily distracted ! There, I said it :P So I sell on Etsy and when our son is at school and my husband is working days, then I get lots done. The house is blissfully quiet & I don't have to think about anyone except myself. When I fully concentrate on listing then I can get 2-3 done and it feels great. Lately I've been listing maybe one or two every couple of weeks, not exactly going to get me posted in the 'how to succeed' book. But am I really that concerned ? Nope. Does it bother me that the house is in some disarray & my art room is STILL a mess ? Sometimes, but it's not like the world is going to stop and flick me off, it could care less, my friends could care less, our son doesn't even notice, the dog...is a dog, my husband isn't a fan of it but we keep things looking tidyish at least. I have fantasized about living in a really wow futuristic home where all your stuff can be hidden away with the flick of a switch, where clothes fall down a shoot and right into the washing machine which automatically fills & starts when it senses it's full --and then turns into a dryer. Where the grass is always lush & green and all dog poop decomposes in a few seconds from a special environmentally friendly spray, leaving a pleasant Spring fresh scent. Where those little bits of paper with tiny notes, the unused coupons, the events we wanted to go to but never did...all safely disintegrate & magically disappear when their expiry dates are up ( the paper on which the notes are written also has an expiry date ). Ah one day :)
I am thankful for having my family around & am not concerned about my parents items getting all listed. Etsy is a great place to sell items but I don't let it control my life & thankfully it is not something I need to work hard at --but we'll see what happens when I get back to my art, not that I plan on going seller crazy, that would take the fun out of it all. But, I do intend to refill my art shop & keep it filled --and that means having to make a plan & stick with it, even if I have to put Jujubes our dog in her kennel for a couple of hours.

Speaking of Jujubes, she's now 6 months, woohoo ! And getting to be a big lovely boxer girl too.
Pictures you ask ? Of course not ! Well, nothing really recent lately. Looks like you're going to have to wait yet again for photos.
Oh wait, here are two from August:

Playing with our son. She always goes for his head & usually when she's got her squeaky toy lol !

Jujubes is a real sweety and wow her fur is so velvetty soft especially around the head & neck. Soon it will be time for her spaying, but first she will need an ultrasound due to her having a heart murmer. She's had her murmer since 10 weeks of age & it's at a level 4 now. Apparantly it is a fairly normal thing in boxers and many have gone on to live long regular lives. The ultrasound is to make sure she'll be okay under anaesthesia. Apart from that she is a well loved dog indeed ♥

Well I'm out of blogging steam. Should have been in bed at 10 as my son & I are s-l-o-w-l-y getting back into the school routine and we both don't want to start cold turkey. I'm looking forward to getting in a full day again too.

Goodnight all :)