It's about time !

Hi diddley doh there folks !

We've been busy with renovations and mild chaos but now the renos are done & the chaos has calmed down to a gentle burp :) I am finally back to creating my weird whimsical art, woohoo !!

Show and tell time:

Little Pink House charms from a vintage playing card

I Wheelie Love You, whimsical kinetic necklace created out of a vintage furniture caster.

Alien Crybaby. Yup, crybabies can even be found in outer space ! Bottom half of a vintage Stanley latch with swarovski bicones, vintage red lucite drop and vintage rhinestone crystal

Circus Joy tag. Various paper bits, candy wrapper, etc...and a vintage shaker toy. You can play with this tag !

Is the editor really busy or just reading joke books ? Vintage Rummy game tile decoupaged with vintage paper bits from a 1954 Popular Science magazine
So there you go, just a few things I've made and listed in my Etsy shop and plenty more ideas running around my brain.

I will try to keep my blog updated more often, now that the home renovations are finally complete. So see you again soon xo♥