Hand Painted Pendants !

Good day all :)

My latest Ravensmagiclantern Etsy offerings are small hand painted paintings decoupaged onto vintage 2x2 wooden game tiles made into pendants:

I'm quite enjoying this area of creating, taking something I love to do ( doodle, small landscapes, etc...) and turning it into wearable art.

The game tiles were a thrift shop find several years ago. Each tile has a cute animal image on the back & a checkerboard pattern on reverse. I sand the checker pattern & edges so the paint will adhere, make my own bail which is secured into the tile, then I create my drawing/painting on artist quality paper. A first coat of varnish over top, let dry, then cut out the image and decoupage ( acid free gel ! ) on to the game tile. One more coat of varnish on the front & two on the back. Add a jump ring and necklace and voila !

Maybe for now I'll stick to making these small art pieces ? Sigh, it seems I'll start on something and then find some other artistic endevour a few days later. Perhaps I'll challenge myself to stick with making art pendants until there are no more tiles ! That's what I'll do :)

And here's a shot of what I use to make the pendants. Thank goodness for Sharpies too !

Have a fabulous cupcake filled day ( or cheese filled if you're not in to the sweet stuff ) ! ♥