Felt Brooches 'from the past'

I was poking through some of my past creations, items I had listed almost two years ago, didn't sell and I put away and moved on to other things. **That is a negative habit of mine which I am conquering: giving up too easily. Where I learned such a habit, who knows ? It's not something I'm proud of and it makes me want to try harder to overcome it !!

So these brooches were made when I stumbled across several artists who were making their own altered art felt jewellry pieces. I really liked the simplicity of the backgrounds, a pretty blank canvas on which to create their own unique artistic worlds. Since I too love a nice background on which to create, I decided to see what I could come up with:

This is 'Bliss' a large brooch created on the backside of a vintage picture frame. Bliss consists of a white felt background on which I've sewn and glued various beads & baubles ( some vintage ), ribbon and a Bliss sticker, finished with acrylic paints on the edges.
Now in 2009 I was going through some personal changes and today I would not create such a huge mixed brooch, moving on to smaller creations. This is an item I would rather display --the vintage backing has a built in hook to hang. But that's not saying it won't look fabulous on someone who loves to be seen !
**Pic. taken with my laptop camera, doesn't show details as well as my digi cam.
Will list in my Etsy shop in the next day.

These are more felt brooches I made in 2009, they are more the size I would wear.
The upper brooch is called 'Purple House' with a fabric tree, painted roof/windows & tiny czech glass doorknob.
Lower brooch is called 'Shabby Vintage Paper Roses' using vintage greeting card cuttings along with fabric rose, felt flower, vintage bead necklace, various faux crystals.

These brooches can be hung on a wall or necklace and have some magnet sheet if you want to put them on your fridge or other magnetic item.
Listed in my Etsy shop.

All my felt brooches are hand stitched and have a shabby look to them. I create straight from my brain & heart and with strong attention to detail and lasting quality. I try not to spend too much time fiddling with the item otherwise I start to fret and feel the beginnings of a quiet paranoia I don't need ( some of you will know what I mean, that awful feeling of wanting to compare yourself to others, of thinking your item isn't worth the price you put, etc...). I know how much time and effort I put into these items, the joy of creating them and imagining the people wearing them, the people who are young at heart, like myself.

So I've decided to keep my Etsy shop 'simple' from now on. You will see 'paintings', '*whimsywear' and 'mini drawings'. Why ? I got very tired of creating one item and then moving on to something completely different. This way, my art will still retain it's own style of uniqueness but have a familiar background.
*The Whimsywear section will contain a selection of felt brooches and wooden game tile pendants ( or brooches or a combo of both, haven't yet decided ).




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