My version of adding a lobster clasp to a ball chain

Hello all :)

So today I received my package of 50 pretty and petite coloured ball chains from the fabulous shop: Annie Howes on Etsy, woohoo !!

Now because I have never used such tiny ball chains, it took me awhile to attach some of the loose ball chain ends to their chain clasps but I did it. Then I was thinking that maybe not everyone will be able to attach the tiny end, so I decided to improvise and see if I could attach a lobster clasp using what I had in my jewelry chain accessories box.
There was a wee bag of those silvertone suede closures, the kind where you dab glue on the ends of the suede cording and then, with pliers, squish the closures around the cording, wait to dry and then add the junp rings. So I took two of the closures, removed the original ball chain clasp and proceeded to squish the closures around the ball chain ends ( I laid the closure on the table & placed the chain end inside, then carefully grabbed the closure with my pliers and squeezed ). Now I did squeeze a bit more than had I been using the regular sized ball chain, so the closures aren't perfect looking BUT with the addition of jump rings and a silver plated lobster clasp, I think it looks okay :)

I just need to tweak the closures a bit so they look a little less squashed-looking. It's a good start.

Here's the bag 'o ball chains, in colours of pink, copper, silver & blue, all 24" long. Looking forward to adding these to my pendants.