Sneak peek at fresh pendants with a vintage touch

Yay, I'm slowly getting some fresh new pendants created, finally. My vintage shop was taking over there for a bit while my art shop was gathering dust.

This pendant was the first made, using a pink and white flowered plastic surround ( purchased from MimiLoLo ) . The white was painted black with black glitter, I drilled a hole for a jump ring instead of a bail & finished it with 6 dark pink rhinestones. Printed images were collaged onto the glass cabochon, love the Eiffel Tower ! BUT...and this is where I get really picky...if you look closely you can see the Eiffel image is not straight and there's dried glue around the image. It's the image not being straight that bothers me the most, so maybe I'll still list the necklace but as one of those 'OOPS' items that's been discounted ? It bothers me THAT much yet it's too nice to take apart. We'll see.

Now this pendant is one of my favorites. I'm calling it 'Foreign Object in Eye' because the image came directly from a 1959 St.John Ambulance course book & shows a person putting a matchstick over the eye & then rolling the lid up, to get to the foreign object. Kinda different but hey, I'm kinda different too & think oddball items like this are fun. So, am I being picky about THIS pendant ? Ummmmm, it looks great left as it is but I'm wondering if I should attach a lobster clasp to the ballchain. It's a 24" chain, slips on/off the head but opening the ballchain can be a little difficult because of it being the tiny 1.5mm chain. Like I wrote above -- We'll see :)

And finally is this neat-o piece. 'Skywaymen' was taken directly from a 1930's Boy's Own Paper book ( B.O.P's 'The Skywaymen' was some group you could join to become a remote control pilot ) and decoupaged on to a piece of brass which I hand cut & etched with my dremel. That's all I've done so far. The brass edges will need to be smoothed down. It will become a necklace but it needs some bits attached to it, maybe some gears dangling below ? I don't want to go overboard but it's definately calling for more of something. Rivets would look cool  but they'd have to be teeny-tiny ones which I don't have, Hmmmm, I could glue it onto another piece of brass and then rivet the fresh brass ? Can't wait to see how this turns out.


TiffanyJane said...

Love the pendants!!!...very cool :)