Riveting is fun ! Steampunk first attempt followed by Nosferatu....

Who knew that riveting eyelets could be fun. I've started on a new necklace, my first Steampunk creation, a bit nerve racking as one of the included items is a one of a kind item and I really do not want to make any mistake whatsoever. Apart from that, I really am quite enjoying the rivet part of it --now that I know the correct way to install eyelets. Just like Helga from Artchix studio, I too had squashed unhappy eyelets but nevermore ! Here is Helga's post which I hope will help you become a happy riveter too:
How to set an eyelet

Annnndddd here are some photos of my Steampunk attempt:

After I had cut the brass around the Skywaymen image, I realised I'd cut too close to the wings and left little room for jump rings, so I've glued it to another piece of brass & am first adding the eyelets before cutting around the image again ( and the cut edges will be smoothed ). Hanging below it will be a vintage repurposed brooch which I've attached to an interesting necklace piece, love the gear-like look of the ends.
Back to the eyelets: there are two corner sections on the Skywaymen brass that didn't completely flatten to the back brass so I may add four gold coloured eyelets to each corner and then perhaps glue in some vintage rhinestones ooh la la ! What do you think, maybe some aurora borealis stones, or shimmery yellow rhinestones or how about red to match the lower stone ?
This necklace is intended for my Etsy shop but right now I'm not so sure.

Here is another necklace I do and don't want to list, just waiting for everything to dry first:

Why it's none other than good 'ol Nosferatu ! Actually, it's a Nosferatu mask taken from a monster mask advertisement from a 1993 Fangoria magazine.
I was going to place it inside a silvertone lace bezel but as soon as I placed it inside this beautiful vintage Florenza necklace setting...oh my ! Instant Gothic gorgeousness ;)
Tempting to wear it out just once. Now I wish I'd printed the image instead but we're out of black ink booo !

Is Steampunk and horror where my art path is taking me ? It's a lot more fun than flowery things.