I've switched to necklaces from now on....

Hello all ! So my art destination has headed into the world of jewelry, not surprising as I do enjoy a good necklace every now and again.
Say adieu to my paintings, my aceos, my mish mash of other artistic renderings, I'm sticking with jewelry from now on and lately my creations have gone Industrial Steampunk woohoo !

Here's my latest which still awaits some 'flowers' of a sort and other bits ands bobs:

This piece took me over 5 hours and most of that time was trying to figure out how to keep the bullet shell from moving about. I guess you could say I work in a 'one off' mode, creating as I go along. Ask me later how I made my pieces and I'd probably say "no idea" ! It's as if I'm being guided by something other than my own self.
This pendant will have some sort of steampunky flower grouping, paint, maybe a vintage rhinestone and then some hardware brass ball chain or a mix of chain.

**As of March 31st. I've decided to price my necklaces from $8 to a maximum of $40.00. Pricing my items is always the most difficult for me as I'm sure it is for many other artists. I don't want to get all technical about it, don't want to sit down and price out how much a screw is, how many pennies a dab of glue would cost, etc...I just want people to know they're getting something unique and well made without having to pay half an arm for it. If I start making pieces that use precious jewels & metals, then maybe I'll rethink the prices.

The next pics. show possible future listings. There's a gothic piece made in 2006 which is a brooch but will also be a pendant. The item with the bird is a diorama created inside a plastic screw top box, somehow it will become a necklace. The last pic. is a vintage American Hotel Association pin I found back in the early 80's inside an old metal footlocker of my dad's. The pin may have belonged to one of my parents friends and it may date back to the 60's. My parents thought nothing of the pin so I was able to do my own mixed jewelry art on it and wore it quite often. In the 90's I tired of the poorly thought out design and tossed it into my 'future jewelry creations' box. Now, most of the jewelry mish mash has been removed and I'll be returning it back to it's plain state. For the moment I've not had any 'finished images' pop into my head so I've no idea if it will become a necklace or listed in the vintage shop.

So there you go my friends :) Now off I go to spend my evening playing room escape and point and click computer games, with a little sweet orange muscat dessert wine on the side. Take care ♥
Oh almost forgot, the Nosferatu necklace I made since my last post had to be taken apart boo-hoo ! I had glued the image on to the glass cabochon, it looked fine but when I glued a piece of card over the back of the image to protect it...for some reason Nosferatu took on a green tinge and I could see the printing on the backside of the page showing through his face :( Perhpas if I had sprayed the magazine image with a protective sealant maybe THEN the glue and card would have worked ? Sigh. It was such a neat-o piece too and one that wasn't printed from a website. Live and learn.