A fresh new Etsy seller and a Facebook page :)

So I've been pulled in by Facebook. Yes, I have a 'page' now: Ravensmagiclantern and that is where I've been hanging out and showing off my latest listings, posting treasuries and more. I realise there are many wonderful souls who refuse to get hooked by FB and I have to admit, after taking a few days away from the site, if it weren't for my Etsy shops then I wouldn't miss it. Okay, maybe I'd miss having all those contacts in one convenient easy to reach place, and some of those quotes that keep me looking forward, and the few laugh out loud status updates :)
Anyway, won't go into a Facebook rant but would love it if you decide to pop over to my page, and if you choose to 'like' my page then please let me know if you have a page and I'll pop by to like you too, woohoo ! **My blog here will continue, even if a few tumbleweeds blow through, I'm still around.

So, since I am on my blog today I thought how nice it would be to spotlight a fresh new Etsy shop.
Mr.Lounsbury is a 16 year young man who opened his shop June 28. He has several hand drawn bookmarks, some pinback buttons and a fabulous robot ( hope he makes more ! ).
Won't you welcome him as I have and give a warm round of applause to:

Michael's Medley

I have nothing but warm happy energy for this new seller as I do for all people who attempt a shot at selling their handmade creations. Perseverance is key, list list list and DON'T *compare yourself to other shops/sellers ! *I have found that when I start looking around at other sellers who create similar items to mine, no matter how casual I am...some comparison is going on and as soon as I feel myself comparing TOO much, that is when I have to push myself away from Etsy and do something completely different. If I don't, then my art 'mojo' starts to drain away. I used to waste so much time looking at how other collage artists were doing and then I'd be the one feeling like crap, wondering why I'm bothering with what I make, a horrible feeling ! So, like I said, as soon as I feel that tiny negative voice getting ready to rant with it's stupid moanings --off I go, stand outside if I have to, take a deep breath and bring myself back to my own reality. I create what I create, not what other people do.
Nowadays, the only time I start to lose my art 'mojo' is when I've been creating non-stop. A few weeks back I made a goal of getting to page two in my art shop, creating fun collage pendants, some Steampunk necklaces and other altered necklaces, great fun ! So when I hit page two, my mojo hit the wall lol ! Yup, brain freeze. Did I worry ? No. Instead, it's been over a week and I've been taking it easy, not even thinking about art, just enjoying some gardening time, helping friends, being with our son, etc....and now I'm starting to feel the art energy wake up again, a gentle itch, a few vague ideas whirling about, but I won't actually get back to creating until at least one of those ideas becomes solid and drives me to my desk. Ahhhh, what a relief it is to finally listen to my intuition/soul/spirit instead of ignoring them and ending up feeling worse. It's so true what you read about listening to your intuition ! I've always known I had it but would often ignore it --not saying I'm 100% positive about it today but it's so much better than it was.

Anywhoooo my friends, time for me to pop off. Wishing you all a lovely week ahead. Slainte ! ♥


Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you so much for featuring me! I really appreciate you kindness. Thanks for all the encouragment and inspiration.

Have a great day!
Michael Lounsbury