Hello, hello, hello :)

Thought I better pop by here again, remove some dust and post links to my Etsy shops. I've no idea how many gentle folks check out my blog but I've a few new things in my shops, which you can also view on the right side bar. Please pass them on to other friends/family if they're looking for something different and/or vintage for 'just because' moments or Christmas gifts, etc.....




All is well here, keeping busy with a variety of stuff from gardening to getting those boring 'don't want to do them' jobs done such as repainting the outside door trim, flushing out roof gutters....plus the annual back to school week. Our son is now in grade 11. Wow, like so many others before us ---- where has the time flown ?! I am especially excited that our son chose to take Global Perspectives, an extracurricular class that involves helping out with places such as food banks, farms, etc....and in grade 12 they get the opportunity to visit Peru and help out with a project ! We're determined to get our son there as I believe it will open his eyes even more and maybe even help him find a solid career path/choice.

As for my latest art creations, well I'm still making altered art jewelry but will confess it's tough trying to keep the high positive attitude. Online selling can bring some people down. I am not competitive at all and I don't make trendy items and I'm not an everyday seller, I stick with making what I enjoy, what brings me a smile and I list these items with the hope they will bring smiles to other kind folk who will offer the $$ to have a piece of joy in their lives.
What bugs me most is trying to figure out how else I can get my items out to more people. Of course, like everyone else on Etsy, I'd like to make more sales with my art. My vintage shop...not too concerned about it because many people enjoy vintage items and my sales are doing pretty good. If I could just get more people to like my art creations and actually want to buy them. Of course I understand the number of other creative folks on this planet who are also thinking the same. It makes me laugh quietly as I'm not a materialistic person, yet here I am creating materialistic items ! Who knows, maybe I'm not using my talent/s correctly ? If that's so, then how the heck do i figure out where to use them for a profit ? I often question my self and where I'm going. Maybe my life is only meant to keep up the house and keep the family fed ? I try to listen to my gut but get confused if what I'm 'hearing' is actual gut or reality playing tricks with me.
Anyway, if you want to check out my art shop, take a real good look and maybe you might be able to see something there that I'm missing out on ? Maybe I should concentrate on creating digital images instead ? Or paintings ? It's always helpful receiving constructive criticism from others, people who can see something the other is missing. Greatly appreciate it ♥