Most Everything but the Kitchen Sink Chicken Soup Stew

The last two days I've been feeling not quite all there, lots of the sniffles and sneezing, kinda like having an allergy with a wee tiny cold.
So today I decided to make an easy chicken soup using the leftovers from our recent, Canadian, Thanksgiving. No turkey this year as my dear family were away but chicken was just as nice with all the same fixins.

All I did was remove the remaining chicken from the bones and then boil the chicken bones in a largish, just over half filled with water, pot for around 20 minutes, drained the liquid into another pot using a colander and putting aside the bones.
I poured the liquid back into the largish pot, stirred in a couple packets of chicken bovril and added the carrots, gently boiled around 8 minutes to soften and then added all that you see in the photo -- red cabbage, celery, broccoli, a leek from the garden, chopped garlic, leftover chopped roast potatoes, the peas and carrots and a good dollop of stuffing . The spices are whatever you'd like, toss in a pinch or three until it tastes right to you: I chose salt, pepper, cayenne, thyme, dill, a sprig of fresh rosemary and some sage from the garden.
Because of all the 'stuff', the soup looked more like a stew, and I let it gently simmer for around 10 minutes and voila...yummy chicken soup-stew !
I've already eaten the bowl of soup from the picture and must say I'm feeling rather awesome. My sniffles are gone and my head doesn't feel so stuffed, woohoo :) It could also be partly psychological too, being told for years how good chicken soup is for colds ( and the soul ).

So that's my afternoon treat...and evening too :) Around 40 minutes to boil up a yummy soup full of yummy vegetables, spices and good 'ol chicken.

Oh, the boiled bones....I carefully removed the small bits of chicken and our boxer dog Jujubes will get an extra treat in her dinner tonight, woohoo !