All that STUFF and A Resin Future...

Lately I've been really slacking on my altered art and have been scratching my head wondering why.

I think I know: when I'm creating I'm also constantly thinking ahead of future projects, things to alter, what will I use on them, etc...and believe me I have a LOT of stuff that could be altered ! Alas, I've reached burnout (gasp !). I want to create but my brain has gone overload big time. My last piece was the bedspring doll which i really enjoyed making and I will make more, but, like the rest of my art, she required a lot of bits and pieces and thinking and visualising ---add that to my thinking and visualising and creating etc...to projects that haven't even begun. Geesh :) Oh well, I'm not too concerned about it; instead, I'm going to try a different path, try something new.
I've been perusing other artists on Etsy and have noticed a trend for resin jewelry. There's one I particularly like stOOpidgErL , she makes some wonderful funky pendants and I thought to myself, 'why don't i give it a try too ?'.
Obviously I won't be copying her but there are many other 'resinites' who do similar creations. I just think they look like fun, they're small, and it would keep me focussed on one thing. My habit is starting one thing and then moving on to something else before that 'one thing' is finished. At least if I do it with resin then that's okay because, well, I don't plan on just listing one resin pendant o_O

I am quite excited about this new turn of events ! But first I have to practice actually making the resin pendants and will start out with 2 or 3 test subjects. This will be a good test of my patience as I tend to create right from my heart. I can sit down and make something without doing any drawings or tests before hand, having to wait a day for resin to dry....hmmm, more time with family ?

Here's a pic. of my resin starter pack ( I also have the gloves and mask, a fan too if needed ):

Here are a few pics. to give you an idea just how much STUFF I've accumulated for my altered art. The first shows a military closet ( husband brought home two one day, one for my STUFF and one for his hunting gear ) filled with STUFF to alter ( boxes on the left below, some items above like china plates, small vintage frames, mini glass bottles, etc... ) and you can catch sight of at least two items I'm selling on Etsy. Other pics. I've added writing.